Modern Take on Sushi
Mura is North Raleigh's spot for one-of-a-kind sushi and tasty Japanese cuisine.
Neighborhood Bar & Grill
Cameron Bar & Grill is your place for great American food and mouthwatering drinks.
Bull City Sushi
Basan is Eschelon's first restaurant in Durham, serving up sushi and much more.
Edwards Mill Bar & Grill
Burgers, sandwiches, pasta...comfort foods redefined.
Cocktail Bar
Our drinks are fun, diverse, and are sure to knock you off your feet.

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March Farm to Table Recap

Published on Apr 6, 2017 under Uncategorized

CamerCBG_FTOT2on Bar & Grill dedicates every Saturday night to providing a specialty entree for our Farm to Table Dinner, made with fresh ingredients from the Raleigh Farmers Market.

This past March, we had some amazing farm to table features. From Po Boys to pork belly tacos, our feature dinners showcase the freshest local ingredients the Farmers Market has to offer. If you missed out on these March features, not to worry, we will have some exciting Farm to Table Dinner features arriving soon!

Features will be announced every Saturday afternoon. Keep track of our features and other news and events; follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

*This entree will only be available on Saturday evenings, starting at 5pm, while supplies last.


Saving the Earth, One Beer at a Time

Published on May 24, 2016 under Beer Feature, News & Events, Uncategorized


You know what is important? The environment. You know what else is important? Beer. So what better way for breweries across the country to make a difference than by producing more aluminum cans rather than glass bottles.

Let’s look at it from the packaging footprint. Aluminum cans are better; they are lighter, which makes for a smaller carbon footprint from transportation than glass, and are more likely to be recycled. Recycling aluminum cans provides big-time energy savings towards producing the next round of cans. Cans have more recycled content than any other beverage container. So, when you drink a can of beer and you recycle it, some part of that can will come full circle and end up in another aluminum can. (more…)

Aviator – April and May’s Featured Brewery

Published on Apr 8, 2016 under Uncategorized

aviatorWe’re looking forward to warmer weather and drinking a cold local beer on our patio. Join us and choose from an awesome lineup of beers from Aviator Brewing Company  – all cans for $3.  That’s right, for the months of April and May, any time you come to CBG, you can enjoy any Aviator can for only $3.


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