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April Coozie Club: Aviator Brewery

Published on Mar 26, 2015 under Coozie Club, Promotions

By becoming a member of the Coozie Club, you can enjoy Aviator Brewery’s craft Hogwild IPA, Wide Open Red, and their seasonal beer for $3 dollars for the entire month of April in addition to $2 dollar domestic beers. Aviator Brewing Company opened the hangar doors in Nov 2008.  We started brewing beer in an airplane hangar at Triple W airport in Fuquay Varina, NC. Bring your coozie in or purchase one here for just $5 and start tasting the unique taste from Fuquay Varina, NC.

Saison De Aviator

  • Available in 6-pak/12oz Cans, 50L kegs, and 1/6bbl kegs.

  • 6.5% alc/vol SRM: 8 IBU: 22

  • A seasonal summer Belgian beer style produced with pilsner malt, mid-kilned malts, coriander and sweet orange peel. Saison de Aviator is an unfiltered golden colored ale, has high carbonation, and a fruity Trappist yeast.  Great beer to pick up your spirits after mowing the lawn or a hard days work in the old cube farm.


  • Available in 6-pak/12oz Cans, 4-pak/16oz Cans, 50L kegs, and 1/6bbl kegs.

  • 6.7% alc/vol SRM: 5 IBU: targeted: 202

  • A golden brew made with Pale Ale and Vienna malts.  A veritable fest of the big “C” hops. Chinook, Columbus, Cascade.  Dry hopped with Magnum, Williamette, and Amarillo.  A very hoppy and refreshing ale.


  • Available in 6-pak/12oz cans, 50L kegs, and 1/6bbl kegs.

  • 6.1% alc/vol SRM: 14 IBU: 41

  • A somewhat classic Irish Red Ale.  This ale is feisty and a bit hoppy.  There is a malty sweetness and a somewhat dry finish.  Traditional East Kent Goldings but with a nice touch of Cascade and dash of roasted barley give this ale a great taste. Plenty of crystal malt with some roasted barley.